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New Era Escrow - Los Angeles, CA

New Era Escrow is the premier escrow service offering the EXPERIENCE you need, the ACCOUNTABILITY you demand, and the RELIABILITY and BACKING you require.

Expert Escrow Services

Our expert team of escrow officers have decades of experience in handling all forms of escrow transactions. From real property and businesses, to intellectual property, as well as varied forms of financial transactions, like refinances, stock holdings, and even fertility accounts, New Era Escrow has the skills to handle your transaction and ensure a smooth closing.

Premier Escrow Company

As an independent escrow company, our affiliation is to our clients, not anyone else. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and the accurate and smooth completion of your transaction is our benchmark. To ensure we provide the best escrow services possible, New Era Escrow is licensed under the State of California’s Department of Business Oversight (License No. 963-2642.) Plus, every member of our team has undergone a strict background check and fingerprinting by the Department of Justice to ensure your safety. Your information is safe with us, and your transaction is in good hands. Call New Era Escrow today.

Reliability and Backing

New Era Escrow’s reliable escrow service is backed not only by our guarantee to you, but we are also a member of the Escrow Agent’s Fidelity Corporation, as well as being fully licensed and bonded. We are one of the few escrow companies in California that has supplemental bonding and insurance with the Department of Business Oversight for both personal property escrow and holdings escrow. We put our money where our mouth is.

Escrow Services

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Expert Escrow Services

As a professional escrow company, New Era Escrow handles all your escrow needs. We are the escrow experts in the industry and have experience in multiple categories including the following:

Property Escrow

When any real property changes hands, our team of escrow agents can assist you in closing your real estate transaction escrow smoothly and efficiently. New Era Escrow provides residential, commercial, multi-units, new construction and subdivisions, condominiums, co-ops, for-sale-by-owner, double escrow, own your own, and all other types of property transactions.

Special Financing Escrows

In today’s economic environment, traditional financing is no longer the only method likely to be used. Short sales, REO’s, refinances, and all other forms of financing need reliable escrow services as well as experienced and trained escrow agents that are skilled in handling these special transactions. Call New Era Escrow today to start your escrow.

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Our skilled, full-service escrow company will provide professional escrow services throughout the entire process to ensure a successful closing.

Our professional escrow services will make sure all conditions of the escrow instructions are met and completed, all while providing each and every client with the highest standards of excellence.

 Professional Escrow Services



California has some of the most complex residential escrow closings in the United States due to the changes to state and federal laws over the last decade.


Commercial escrow services involve transferring any type of property other than residential real estate. This type of transaction may involve note sales, retail property, office buildings,...

For Sale By Owner

For some homeowners, choosing to do a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sale of their home is a smart choice. Of course, while the financial savings may be significant,...

Short Sales

A short sale is a real estate sale in which the home's sale price is less than the amount still owed on the property's loan. Homeowners alone cannot decide to do a short sale,...


A refinance requires paying off an existing mortgage with the proceeds of a new loan, typically to get a lower interest rate, a lower mortgage payment, or better loan terms.


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