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Commercial Escrow Services

Commercial Escrow Services

Commercial escrow services involves transferring any type of property other than residential real estate. This type of transaction may involve note sales, retail property, office buildings, or apartment complexes, among other types real estate transfers.

At New Era Escrow, we have decades of experience handling commercial escrow transactions and we understand just how complicated these transactions may become.

 Commercial Escrow Services

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Transferring commercial property can be very complex. Our team of escrow officers have the experience and knowledge necessary to make your transaction as simple and easy as possible. We take pride in ensuring all parties are confident in the escrow process and we address any potential problems before they can cause delays.

In our experience, the escrow agent is the principal person involved in the commercial escrow transaction who has a solid understanding of the entire transaction and the legal requirements necessary for closing. Our commercial escrow agents possess the unique skill set necessary for a problem-free property transfer. Our expert commercial escrow officers will serve as a neutral third party who will close the transaction based on the terms of the contract and once all conditions are met. Our commercial escrow agents’ efforts will always reflect in keeping with the protection of the commercial property owner, lender, and other principals involved in order to make for a successful transaction.

Note Sales

New Era Escrow handles all aspects of your commercial real estate transaction from start to finish. We will:

  • Provide full-service escrow management services.
  • Respond quickly to all communication.
  • Follow written escrow instructions.
  • Keep all parties up-to-date on the progress of escrow.
  • Issue receipts for deposits and maintain the accountability and security of funds in trust.
  • Prorate and adjust taxes, utilities, and dues.
  • Prepare settlement statements.
  • Order disclosures, reports, and documents necessary for the transaction.
  • Instruct the title company to record necessary documents.
  • Comply with local, state, and federal real estate guidelines.
  • Secure pay-off demands and statements.
  • Obtain any documents necessary to clear outstanding liens.
  • Disperse funds and close escrow.
Retail Property

Commercial Escrow Closing

Closing escrow on commercial real estate is complex; trust in New Era Escrow to make the process as streamlined as possible. We take pride in our customer-based approach and our ability to instill confidence in all parties involved in your commercial real estate transaction.

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