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Note Sale Escrow Services

Note Sale Escrow Services

Real estate notes are a means of expressing ownership in property. A real estate note is sold when a property owner wishes to sell the loan or mortgage on the property. Individuals may then purchase the real estate notes to legally acquire the deed or mortgage on the property.

Note sale transactions are very complex. These transactions require a skilled and knowledgeable escrow agent to avoid a myriad of potential complications, as note sale transactions have far different requirements than residential escrow accounts. Given the complexity of these transactions, the escrow agent must be capable of managing the timeline of closing while efficiently handling communications from several parties.

Note sale agreements typically have very short timelines, unlike commercial or residential escrow transactions. This means that any surprises or hurdles must be addressed as fast as possible. Our experienced escrow officers have vast knowledge in handling note sale transactions, whether they are relatively straightforward or involve multi-tiered commercial note transfers.

 Note Sale Escrow Services

At New Era Escrow, we will handle all aspects of your note sale transaction:

  • Full-service escrow management.
  • Prompt response to communication.
  • Proactive approach to respond to any issues during escrow.
  • Keep all parties up-to-date of the progress of escrow.
  • Prepare escrow instructions and execute documents.
  • Prorate and adjust taxes, utilities, and dues.
  • Instruct the title company to record documents.
  • Prepare settlement statements.
  • Comply with all real estate regulations.
  • Order documents, reports, disclosures, and pay-off demands.
  • Obtain documentation for outstanding liens.
  • Disperse funds and documents to close escrow as authorized.

You can trust in New Era Escrow to simplify your note sale escrow with a customer-based, proactive approach.

Note Sale
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