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Josephine Helen Caldera

Josephine Helen Caldera Trust Accounting/ Compliance Manager

Josephine Caldera has over 20 years of experience in the escrow industry and is a capable and results-driven professional who loves exceeding client expectations. As our Trust Accounting and Compliance Manager, Josephine is gifted with the ability to resolve issues and provide excellent leadership to her co-workers. Josephine holds a third term Notary Public Commission. She is a member of The Certified Escrow Association and National Notary Association. She also specializes in Fertility Escrow Services. This is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling area of service for her. As science and technology in the medical field grow and advance, new opportunities have opened up, allowing more and more loving individuals to experience the joys of parenthood. Josephine is extremely grateful to be a part of the journey with these families. In addition to being a hard working professional who is driven by a desire to continuously yield growth, Ms. Caldera also enjoys art exhibits and community service during her leisure time. Josephine Caldera is a true example of integrity, due diligence, and our commitment to excellence.

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